Work with me

So you think we might be a good fit, but you’re not sure how it goes from here?

Here’s what my copywriting process looks like

1 – Meet and greet

You send me an email, or maybe a tweet, or we even happen to talk about my writing services over coffee. A friend might have told you about me. Or yu could have simply Googled your way to me. Not matter how we meet, we need just a bit more time to make sure we’re a good thing.

At this point, the most common question I get is “how much would this cost?” But before I can get into the details, I get you to fill out a form so that I have an idea of your project, your timeline and your budget.

2 – Quote and proposal

I send you a quote with the details of what this would include. We I send my quotes to you, if you accept it, you’ll then be asked to pay a 50% deposit before I start work, and I’ll also send you a link to schedule a chat to get into the nitty gritty of your project.

3 – Research

It helps when you send me as much information about your project as possible. When we chat, I’ll give you ideas of what helps me. I’ll ask for things about your business history, your competitors, websites you like, writing pet peeves (I like puns but not everyone does) and so on.

I’ll also go beyond this and do any additional research I think is necessary to understand your business. I’ll look at similar sites, I might read articles on the topics and if you need me to interview people, I’ll do that too.

4 – Mapping things out

If you already have a solid base and know exactly where the content will fit, we’ll skip this step. But if you’re really starting from scratch or want to give your readers a better experience, then I’ll suggest a structure for your content before I put pen to paper.

5 – Writing

I’ll get the coffee pot brewing or pour myself a glass of red and I dive into the writing part of the job. This is my playground.

6 – Revisions

When I’ve got a solid first draft ready, I show it to you and ask for your feedback. I’ll send you some guiding questions along with the copy, so you’ll know what to say so that I understand your feedback and make the corrections necessary.

Usually, two rounds of revisions are included in my services. The first focuses on making sure the facts are right, the tone of voice is what you want and the structure and copy work well together. The second focuses on grammar, syntax and making sure the words fit in your design.

7 – The copy is all yours

Once the revisions are made and you’ve paid the last invoice, the copy is yours to do what you want with. This means you can even use parts of it to update your social media descriptions, to include in press releases and so on. You can even make your own changes if you like.

Excited to get started? Get in touch with me and we’ll get this copywriting process started.