Like a lot of freelance writers, I started years ago working from a small apartment. My partner and I then shared an itty-bitty one-

Like a lot of freelance writers, when I started years ago, I worked from home in a small apartment. My partner and I shared an itty-bitty one-bedroom apartment in the trendy suburb of Surry Hills. It was great that our bedroom was on a second floor, separated from the rest of the house. It didn’t take long to make me feel like I was going a little stir crazy when I worked from home.

When you work, sleep, cook, eat and relax in the same spot from day to day, it’s easy to get cabin fever, even for introverts. You can easily start to wonder what you can do to stay sane, productive and efficient when you work from home all day, every day?

The easy answer is go to a cafe, ask for the WiFi password and get to work. But it doesn’t always work this way. Some cafes have a time limit that you can spend using their networks. Others will politely ask you to leave unless you buy something. And those coffees and snacks do add up quickly whether you’re on a budget or not.

Another easy answer is to use your local library. However, the silence interrupted only by occasional pages slowly turning, or the limited opening hours may not work in your favour all the time.

So what can you do when self-confinement is just too much, and you just have to get out. To keep your mind sharp by changing the scenery, minus snotty baristas and overpriced coffee, all you need to do is…

Use your mobile phone’s WiFi.

Nowadays, it’s easy to get phone plans that give you loads of data you can use on the go, and it’s as easy to forget that you can use your data to work from anywhere. As long as your mobile can access your data network, you can connect your laptop to your phone via your personal hot-spot.

So pack up your laptop, your phone and pick a spot where you can get comfortable to write. Go to your favourite park, write on public transport, sit in a quiet corner of a public museum. Get creative with the spots you choose, work from anywhere and regain a sense of sanity.

To know how to set-up your personal hot-spot with any mobile phone, check out this post (and video) by PC video.

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