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Reflections on imposter syndrome

A couple of weeks ago, it’s as if all my favourite people on the internet had a little meeting. And they decided that they’d tackle the same topic: imposter syndrome.   In particular, the Imposter Syndrome article by Seth Godin really struck a cord.   For me, these...

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5 reasons to plan for an early maternity leave

I’ve been keeping a bit of a secret these last few months. And it will affect the way I do work over the coming year quite dramatically.   I’m currently expecting our third baby sometime in the new year.   This means I’ll be once more on leave for a little while. For...

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New Services: SEO Copywriting and SEO Audits

This past winter, I've been busy completing the Recipe for SEO Success course. I've been offering some basic SEO services for a couple of years already, but I was ready to up the ante and give you more of what you're asking for. I have learned a few new tips and...

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